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Clan Infomation
Season & Weather
Leaf-bare Second Moon (Winter, January)
It is snowing thick and fast, a large layer already settled over the lands. Most streams have been frozen, yet the main river flows strong and fast, as per normal.
Prey is becoming harder and harder to come by, hindered by the raids and the strange catscents left all over the territories. Be on the lookout for any strange happenings, as there might just be danger behind any tree or boulder.

Shadestar - 9 lives (@Shadestar)
Deputies: {Both Reserved}
Medicine cats: {Both Reserved}
M/c apprentices: {Both Reserved}

Opalstar(@Ivypool) - 9 lives
Deputies: {Both Reserved}
Medicine cats: {Both Reserved}
M/c apprentices: {Both Reserved}

Silverstar (@Lulapaw)
Deputies: {Both Reserved}
Medicine cats: {Both Reserved}
M/c apprentices: {Both Reserved}

Thornstar (@Ivypool)
Deputies: {Both Reserved}
Medicine cat: {Both Reserved}
M/c apprentices: {Both Reserved}

Lightstar (@Ivypool)
Deputies: {Both Reserved}
Medicine cats: {Both Reserved}
M/c apprentices: {Both Reserved}

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 Rules of The Lost Forest

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Rules of The Lost Forest  Empty
PostSubject: Rules of The Lost Forest    Rules of The Lost Forest  EmptyMon Jan 16, 2017 8:43 pm

• Ask the Forum Staff for questions (Anyone with a purple, blue, or light green name)
• Everyone receives three chances to listen to our rules. If you use up these three chances, you will be banned for a week and further offences will lead to a permanent ban from the site.
• Please keep the forum clean! Appropriate "Warriors" talk is allowed, but please remember that we are warriors, not apprentices. In other words, feel free to debate nicely, but abusive and rude behaviour will not be tolerated.
• Be nice to one another. Rude comments toward other people will not be tolerated in the slightest and will result in an immediate one week ban.
• Don't advertise your site or any site unless you have permission from an administrator.
• Keep your roleplay realistic! If you want your cat to have "special powers",i.e. ones like Dovewing, Lionblaze and Jayfeather, then you will have to talk to an administrator.
• Please don't double post unless given permission to double post. There's an edit button for a reason. If you need to get someone's attention, PM them.
• Listen to the admins and moderators when they are giving you advice or enforcing the rules. Ignoring them will only result in consequences.

Cat creation rules:
• There is no limit on cats, but try to keep it to as many as you can handle.
• The names of warrior cats are spelt Firefang NOT FireFang
• Please don't do things like "Flameclaw sneezed." as the only thing in your post.
• You must use the correct form when creating a character
• Ignored or non-roleplayed characters will be deleted within a month. If you have let us know why you will not be roleplaying for a certain amount of time, then we will accommodate.
• Users can have any amount of "ranked" (leader, deputy, medicine cat) characters, but please give other people a chance to make one. New members cannot have ranked cats until they prove themselves.

Additional rules:
• We understand that all of you might not be from an English speaking country, but please try your best. Most members do not want to decipher a long Spanish post, so if you don’t try, your post will likely be deleted.
• If you see someone breaking a major rule, do NOT respond to them, rudely or otherwise. Just report the problem to an admin. Your help is greatly appreciated.
• Theft of anything, including art, theme, names, or characters, is not appreciated. If someone is found to have stolen an item, then we will go to permanently limit the user to make sure it does not happen again. If you have been wrongly accused of stealing, then talk to an administrator and we will listen
• Do not post on auditions unless you have a good reason to. Spamming them up only makes them harder to accept.
• Only admins can accept ranked cat auditions. Please don't bother the moderators with them and message one of us instead.

  • Only I (Ivypool) Can accepted Starclan/Place of no stars Auditions.Please Dont Bother other members!

Clan rules:
• A clan must have two deputies so if one has kits, dies or retires the other one can take its place. The deputies have equal respect. When the leader dies the deputy who was deputy first is chosen to be the new leader of the clan.
• A clan must have two medicine cats. They have equal respect. They can both have medicine cat apprentices. We did this because in case one, dies, has kits retires, etc. then we will have another one.
• Medicine cats are allowed to have kits, and the general rule about no mates in other Clans applies here.
• Even though there are many doubles there are no double leaders as it would be confusing.
• If you are going to be gone for a while, let an admin or moderator know so your cats will not be deleted due to the one month rule.


Besides this, if we see anything unfair or mean happening on the RP we will ask to change it. We will ask three times and if by the third you do not change it, we will act like it never happened or that character died.
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Rules of The Lost Forest
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